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Optimize Technical Support by Applying Artificial Intelligence to Language

Today’s companies face a myriad of daily issues as they work to increase efficiency, reduce operating times and costs and improve service activities. These issues include:

  • supply chain and operations disruptions;
  • the need to constantly monitor system performance;
  • and urgent service and maintenance requests.

All of these issues are aggravated by the increasingly high expectations of customers.

This complex and rapidly evolving environment requires companies to develop innovative and high-performance technology solutions that ensure full availability and shareability of data at the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Most of this data is in unstructured form from documents expressed in natural language (e.g., reports, emails, service requests, technical manuals and internal documentation). A company’s ability to process and analyze this data quickly, accurately and on a large scale enables them to extract useful business information and gain a competitive advantage.

Optimize Technical Support

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