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Saipem Implements Expert System’s Semantic Search Software to Improve Communication and Information Exchange Worldwide

28 June 2009

Saipem Incorporates Semantic Search into its Knowledge Management System, 7-28-2009

New York – July 28, 2009 – Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that discovers, classifies and interprets text information, today announces an important collaboration with Saipem (S.p.A), Italy’s largest oil and gas contractor and subsidiary of energy company Eni. Expert System created a custom-made search engine called “Saipentia” for internal knowledge sharing among global Saipem employees.


Combining Knowledge Management and Corporate Intelligence capabilities with semantic technology, Saipentia (meaning “knowledge in Latin) was created to accomplish two main goals: improve search on the company’s Intranet and streamline communication among global staff members.


Improving Intranet Search:
Saipentia is designed to improve and refine the retrieval of information on Saipem’s global Intranet.  It performs this search and analysis by scanning text of technical documents, reports and Web pages and automatically categorizing the information by subject.  An advanced search function extracts subject-action-object “triplets” and logically deciphers who is performing the action and who or what is on the receiving end. It also understands the appropriate intended meaning of words such as “gas” that have multiple definitions. This has been a useful tool for problem solving.


Extending Knowledge Base and Promoting Information Exchange:
Saipentia not only categorizes industry text, it also profiles Saipem employees and their professional expertise.  Saipentia reveals employee experts during topic searches on the Intranet, not just people searches, so staff members are linked to their skill sets.  By categorizing users based on knowledge and expertise, global Saipem employees can quickly contact the most appropriate people during crises or high-priority situations, ensuring core competencies are always available.


“There is very little room for error in the energy industry and Expert System understands the importance of having the best information available during critical circumstances,” said J. Brooke Aker, CEO, Expert System U.S.A.  “Whether stationed in Saipem’s headquarters in Italy or overseas at a drilling site, Expert System’s semantic software will help Saipem employees stay connected and have the most appropriate resources at their fingertips.”