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Semantic Intelligence Comes to the Bank: Sentiment Analysis for Monitoring Customer Satisfaction

11 July 2011

12 July 2011

Expert System has developed a solution to improve customer service, combining semantic analysis of sentiment and customer satisfaction monitoring with advanced natural language customer interaction features. Attention to customer satisfaction is a fundamental and strategic resource, especially for the competitive financial services market. Customer opinions on the quality of service and the degree of customer satisfaction provides the foundation on which customer needs, expectations and desires can be anticipated and achieved. Integrating natural language interpretation and semantic analysis of sentiment features into customer service functions makes it possible to more effectively measure customer satisfaction and to hear early warning signs of dissatisfaction, or accommodate new expectations. Intesa Sanpaolo, a leading European banking and financial services organization, is among the Finance and Insurance sector clients who have chosen Expert System’s Cogito semantic technology to identify and analyze sentiment for customer feedback.

“In recent years there is an increasing need to support measurement of customer satisfaction with a more qualitative approach,” said the Director of Intesa Sanpaolo Customer Satisfaction. “Being able to take advantage of customer feedback has always been a challenge because of the limits of traditional approaches for extracting meaningful information from a large number of documents. Using Expert System’s semantic technology has made it possible to analyze and organize this information as well as making it possible to integrate it with other sources for valuable customer enhancing insight.”

To measure the degree of customer satisfaction, financial institutions often interview their customers, giving them the opportunity to express their opinions in an open format. Cogito analyzes the unstructured text transcribed from customer interviews, and through semantic processing, is able to understand meaning and automatically categorize each comment based on a comprehensive, customized taxonomy. Cogito classifies the information extracted, assigning a category to each according to subject. According to the sentiment expressed, customer feedback is assigned to one of three different levels:  negative feedback, neutral feedback and positive feedback. The solution offers not only an increasingly precise and comprehensive view of the level of customer satisfaction, but also identifies needs for new services and suggestions for improving existing services.

“For service providers, quality of service is what differentiates the competition, “said Luca Scagliarini, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development of Expert System. “Being able to correctly assess a customer’s experience and perceived quality is essential for continued and long-term success. Thanks to automatic text comprehension, semantic technology not only facilitates dialogue with its customers, but also ensures the highest level of precision and accuracy in sentiment, enabling more efficient customer satisfaction monitoring. ”

Cogito semantic technology makes it possible for organizations to capitalize on the difficult to manage, yet valuable unstructured information and transform customer feedback into usable, searchable and actionable customer sentiment and intelligence. The Cogito semantic platform supports:

  • Analysis and correlation of factors of success and failure through the study of activities, trends, etc.
  • Measuring the degree of satisfaction of customers within each group or category.
  • Prioritizing issues by product or service type.
  • Identification and timely interception of signals of dissatisfaction.