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Semantic intelligence in competitive intelligence: the opinion of EniTecnologie

5 June 2005

Jun 14, 2005

EniTecnologie ( http://www.enitecnologie.it/) the Corporate Technology Company of the Eni group, with the aim of “creating value through technological innovation”, has chosen the Expert System’s solution for the improvement of the intellectual capital and the optimization of the technological monitoring of competitors.

EniTecnologie has fully understood the need to combine standard intelligence tools with new systems based on semantics, and targeted to strategic and scenario analyses.

An in-depth study about technologies with a semantic approach, edited by Enitecnologie says: “the high-productivity approach has recently enabled, in reduced time, to analyse in detail the whole production of patents and publications from 1995 to 2002 of large oil companies competing with Eni, extracting priority information on technological development and potential technological innovation“. Therefore a tool of which EniTecnologie makes a systematic use, and that has already produced, in a very short time, remarkable results for the activities of monitoring and intelligence.

The management of unstructured information through semantic intelligence guarantees, in fact, a high productivity: through linguistic analysis and semantic comprehension it is in fact possible to distil in a very short time strategically interesting data from a huge number of documents, no matter their format (doc, txt, pdf, html, etc.) and kind (patents, reports, articles, balance sheets, news, press releases, etc.).

This variety of contents, before becoming true knowledge, must be interpreted, analyzed, classified. With this aim EniTecnologie has chosen various Expert System solutions:

  • COGITO® Categorizer, to classify text documents automatically;
  • COGITO® Semantic Search, to search and index the information for the company Intranet;
  • COGITO® Intelligence, to find in an automated but customized way, all the relevant information about companies, products, strategic actions, etc.