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Semantic Intelligence Tackles the Web

20 June 2007

How to make it simpler to interpret and share information from the Web, 7-12-2007

Expert System, the leading provider of semantic intelligence software that classifies and interprets text information, announced today the release of a new version of Cogito® to make it simpler to interpret, navigate and share information from the Web.


“The Web contains a huge amount of information that isn’t always accessible because ‘semantic ties’, or common key words, aren’t always contained on relevant Web pages. Add to that the exponential growth of data and search results can vary wildly, explained Expert System CEO and Founder Stefano Spaggiari. “Today, the Web is in the midst of another transformation, a way in which computers will become even more intelligent (Semantic Web, Web 3.0). Semantic Intelligence actually gives a computer the ability to understand text, or what we’re talking about.”


The value of Semantic Intelligence lies in its ability to find relevant information and transform it into signals can be understood by the computer.   Early customers report improving otherwise laborious operations in research, planning, strategy and other information intensive corporate functions. 


Expert System VP of Business Development Luca Scagliarini explains that many users of Cogito have expressed their satisfaction with the new release. To paraphrase them; “We are in a highly complex, fast moving business. We rely on the Web for its ability to inform. But increasingly it has become difficult to understand how that information is relevant to our business. We need not only the latest information but the insight to make faster, better decisions. Cogito has made the Web come alive as an intelligence tool for us.”


Semantic Intelligence already is a mature technology, which has been widely implemented in industry. Semantic Intelligence reproduces a form of text comprehension by analyzing linguistics (morphology, grammar, syntax) and the meaning of words (semantics.) Cogito enables Semantic Intelligence by:

  • automatically understanding the language that we use to communicate (natural language)
  • reading and classifying potentially interesting content and helps us make the best decisions at the best time.
  • facilitating better and faster communication with clients and personnel.


Expert System Chief Technology Officer and Founder Marco Varone says that the most underutilized business resource today is the written sentence. “The web adds seven million new pages per day. Managers deal with 178 emails per day. The amount of written information is overwhelming. We created Cogito to cut through the clutter, to be able to ‘see’ what is happening in the business environment and to act,” he said.