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Sopra Steria and Expert System join forces to make business data a driver for innovation and productivity

8 June 2017

Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, has announced a strengthened relationship with Expert System, a key developer and actor in the field of semantic analysis. This partnership will enable the Group’s customers—both public and private organisations—to better exploit the exhaustiveness of unstructured data, not exploitable to date by human activity alone. The semantic engine has been successfully contributing to Sopra Steria’s artificial intelligence offering for a year.

Giving structure to 100% of business data
In combining Sopra Steria’s industry expertise with the potential of Expert System’s solutions, even more value can be provided to the Group’s major customers, who now face more challenges than ever before in terms of performance and competitiveness. With the rise of social media, emails and paperless systems, companies now possess an immense volume of data on their servers. However, given that 80% of this business data has no structure, it is not actually possible for us to use it without machine intervention. Expert System’s semantic solutions are based on its Cogito technology. They act as intelligent assistants which can analyse and understand texts of any size, in order to give them meaning and use them according to the company’s needs. By adding value to information assets, they enable companies to automate their intensive data processing systems.

Over a year of fruitful collaboration
The partnership with Expert System therefore opens the door to a new era for Sopra Steria customers. It was signed following a year of fruitful collaboration between the two partners. A dozen major customers have already benefited from the joint expertise held by Sopra Steria and Expert System in various projects, including research into business information, automatic email and file processing, fighting fraud, providing recruitment support and much more. Responses have been positive across the board, particularly in the aerospace and energy industries and in the public sector.

“Once a company’s textual data is structured, it becomes a tool which organisations can use to make strategic decisions, increase performance or design new services that are adapted to customers’ expectations. As such, the partnership with Expert System will enable us to provide even greater value to our customers”, says Laurent Giovachini, Sopra Steria Deputy CEO.

“Companies are now facing new challenges regarding artificial intelligence. Semantic analysis is one of the keys to solving numerous, highly challenging issues.” Claudio Palmolungo, Expert System’s Executive Vice President, continues: “Integrating our technology into the services offered by a well-known major actor in the consulting and systems integration industry—such as Sopra Steria—will enable Expert System to increase its visibility in Europe, become involved in large-scale projects and work with even more major accounts.”

About Sopra Steria
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