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15 January 2013

15 Jan 2013



The Italian Department of Information Security recently announced the successful completion of the project SANCIP (Semantic Network Predictive Algorithm for Critical Infrastructure Protection), a project funded by the European Union and in collaboration with the DIS, the Swedish Security Service and its technology partners, including Expert System.


SANCIP led to the development of a critical infrastructure protection governance model based on open source intelligence methodologies and an effective approach to information collection, analysis and sharing.


The use of Expert System’s Cogito semantic technology contributed to improve the value of information accuracy for open sources (especially web-based sources) and its effectiveness in providing early warnings to decision makers. To achieve its goals, SANCIP integrated the Cogito semantic technology with solutions from the Semeion Research Center of Communication Science for artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms.


The SPANCIP project was completed in June 2012. For more information, visit: http://spancip.intelligence.gov.it/