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The First European Geomarketing Association is Born

25 November 2008

Founded by Expert System, 12-2-2008

Expert System, the leading provider of semantic software for the comprehension and analysis of information, announces the establishment of the European Geomarketing Association (EGA), a nonprofit organization for the international promotion of projects, studies and experiences in the field of marketing and geomarketing.

Expert System’s semantic technology can interpret all the information contained in texts, thus enabling the analysis of information sources and the population of geomarketing knowledge bases, with geographic information and additional dimensions such as entities, concepts, events and relations.

Founded by Expert System, Nielsen, Gfk Retail&Technology Italia, TPS-PVT, professors of Università Milano Bicocca and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan Bicocca University and Sacred Heart Catholic University), EGA seeks to inform businesses and public bodies about the advantages of geomarketing, a discipline that uses territorial data to support marketing analyses.

The creation of synergies among the members can promote business and academic research, always oriented to operative solutions, to support the development of new initiatives and promote knowledge in this sector.

As indicated in the statute, the purpose of the first European geomarketing association in Garlasco (Pavia) is the following:

  • To form and maintain a network of knowledge and know-how on the state of the art of marketing and geomarketing, in a national and international context.
  • To organize meetings, conferences, training courses and other similar activities to promote and diffuse the knowledge of geomarketing and marketing, as well as contributing to the creation of a reliable and stable network of relations among the main experts of the sector.