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Tiscali Chooses Intelligent CRM from Expert System

4 December 2007

Customer Dialogue via Web Site and E-mail, 12-5-2007

Modena, Italy – December 5th, 2007 – Expert System, the leading provider of semantic intelligence software that discovers, classifies and interprets text information, today announced that Tiscali Italia, one of Europe’s leading independent telecommunication companies, has selected Cogito® “intelligent” CRM. The agreement is with Tiscali Services, the technology arm of the Tiscali group. 


Cogito thoroughly interprets messages written in natural language, and provides automated answers.  Previously requests were sorted and routed to the customer assistance staff manually with no audit trail. Now, with the adoption of Cogito (fully integrated with the Siebel system for CRM), the message is interpreted, sorted and routed automatically to the correct department and a history of each message is saved.


Once a message has reached the correct department an automated reply is constructed using Cogito.  Replies are based on a matching of FAQs or other existing knowledge database systems. The time to reply is much reduced compared to the prior manual method, and the volume and thus the cost of customer assistance is likewise much reduced. 


These tools are based on the semantic platform developed by Expert System for the analysis of natural language, and are able to automate the company’s information flow from and to the customers.


“Focusing on customer satisfaction, our goal is that of managing the requests of our customers by improving precision and accuracy,” explains Donatella Ligas, Director of the Customer Service, Tiscali Italia. “Implementing advanced solutions such as those provided by Expert System allows us to optimize the speed and quality of the answers we provide to our customers inquiries, making our relationship with customers more dynamic, and at the same time simplifying the Customer Service processes”.


Adopting this technology allows Tiscali operators to reduce the time devoted to formally manually activities, and to focus more on new forms of customer care.


“The collaboration with Tiscali highlights the innovative value and remarkable improvements that our solutions can bring to Customer Service,” explains Stefano Spaggiari, CEO, Expert System. “Semantic technology is in fact able to process large quantities of information, thus guaranteeing an optimized management of the requests both via e-mail and web”.  


Founded in 1998, Tiscali is an international telecommunication company based in Cagliari, Italy. Tiscali differentiates itself from its competitors with innovative services and marketing strategies. It has focused its activities in the European markets with the highest growth and value creation potential: Italy and UK. Thanks to there operations, Tiscaly is today one of the main independent telecommunication companies.