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Turning a Billion Articles into Insights with AI at Dow Jones

9 October 2018

Turning a Billion Articles into Insights with AI at Dow Jones

With prestigious brands such as The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, Factiva, Barron’s, MarketWatch and Financial News, Dow Jones is the world’s most trusted source of business news. Its Professional Information Business service offers clients insights based on 30-plus years of news stories, covering more than 1.3 billion articles in 28 languages from nearly 30,000 regions.

But packaging that information so it becomes actionable, and doing it efficiently and at scale, is far from easy. At the heart of the Dow Jones information powerhouse is an AI-driven pipeline that processes 1.5 million news articles every day, extracts their details, and creates the Dow Jones Identifier metadata and knowledge that drive Dow Jones’ products. The impact: A more effective discovery experience that pinpoints the events, people & companies that count in business.

Expert System is proud to announce the AI Trailblazers Webinar Series. Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a defining technology for enterprise transformation. Expert System’s AI Trailblazers webinar series looks beyond the buzzwords to explore concrete examples of how leading organizations are harnessing AI for smarter business.

Our first webinar “Turning a Billion Articles into Insights with AI” featured Robert Pashinsky, Director Content Strategy and Metadata at Dow Jones, he shared how Dow Jones leverages AI to process unstructured content and deliver a seamless discoverability experience for the benefit of its clients.

To listen to the recording – click here