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UBI Banca Selects Expert System

1 July 2007

Two Semantic Intelligence Applications, 7-2-2007

The Union for Italian Banks has chosen two Semantic Intelligence applications: one for the automatic distribution of information to its clients via SMS, and another to categorize financial news and to subsequently obtain a personalized news summary. These two prototypes are based on Expert System’s Cogito® technology, designed for the comprehension of unstructured data.


The ability to receive information regarding one’s bank account via SMS is an effective and convenient way for UBI customers to access information. By sending a simple message written in everyday language, one can receive information on bank transactions, bank accounts, bill payments, incoming money, special offers, and it is also possible to trade online, bank from home, etc. For example, one can ask: “What is the APR?” or “How can I transfer money from the website?”

The application designed to categorize the flux of financial news is based on a careful and detailed semantic analysis of the information; subsequently, the software assigns a category to each piece of news, and generates a personalized news summary based on predefined criteria.