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Artificial intelligence from Eudata and Expert System brings increased value to customer interactions

21 March 2017

Next generation chatbots based on cognitive computing improve customer relationships and transform occasional contact into new opportunities

Eudata and Expert System have joined forces to help companies innovate their relationship with customers, leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence for customer assistance, sales support and marketing activities.

Thanks to the integration between the Cogito cognitive technology and the Eudata omnichannel suite, companies will be able to quickly implement conversational systems (chatbots). These systems are stimulating the shift to technology that responds to the needs and expectations of users, with a dual advantage. First, it provides users with new ways to access information of interest through an automated human-like dialogue where they can express themselves freely as they would in an ordinary chat. Secondly, it increases operational efficiency by automating recurring activities that do not require specific skills or specialized knowledge, such as for retrieval of standard information, common assistance requests, requests for quotes, common offers, and so on.

“Today, we are witnessing an exponential increase in the use of conversational interfaces and customers expect to be able to use them to interact with companies,” said Sandro Parisi, CEO and founder of Eudata. “In turn, this becomes a large volume of interactions that our clients must manage. Bots provide the fastest solution foro improving the customer experience without a significant increase in costs. Eudata and Expert System have responded to this market requirement, creating a dedicated solution that meets the immediate needs of largeenterprises, ensuring scalability and integration in complex environments in alignmentwith their business requirements.”

“Companies are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence systems for customer care, sales and marketing,” states Alessandro Monico, Sales Director of Expert System. “Our chatbot responds precisely to this trend, making the benefits of the cognitive functionality of Cogito available throughout the Eudata platform to guarantee effectiveness, simplicity and increasing efficiency.

Eudata and Expert System chatbots are available on fixed and mobile devices or kiosks, and allow users to communicate via sms, email, persistent chat, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype for Business, and real time chat. It also allows easy and transparent handover from a contextualised bot to a human operator. .

Eudata, the innovative industrial group founded in Milan in 2006, operates in the Customer Engagement world with the goal of maximizing efficieny in interactions between customers and companies. The Eudata solution enables the interaction of active virtual users on any channel, with a focus on information, simplicity of engagement and efficiency.

The solution makes it possible to combine traditional interaction systems such as voice contact centers and CRM systems with its own omnichannel solution Eudata WCS, and its own artificial intelligence system, Convy A.I.

Thanks to its international partner network, Eudata solutions are present in Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa. In the Italian Finance sector, Eudata helps 25 million customers interact with their banks and it is also present in the insurance, retail, utilities and telco sectors.

The group is mentioned in more than 20 publications by Gartner, and was selected as Cool Vendor 2014. Since 2016, Eudata has been positioned in the Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement with honorable mention.

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