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Webinar Recording: Using Semantic Technology to Transform Customer Support

7 September 2011

Recorded from the live event, 28 Sept 2011

As organizations increasingly rely on innovative ways to keep customers happy, having systems that are able to support the always available, mobile customer are no longer optional, but essential. Self-help customer service offers an opportunity to not only reduce the costs of customer support, but also offers customers a streamlined, unique support experience that is always available and always accurate.

Leveraging the power of semantic technology and natural language processing features, self-help customer support allows customers to make queries in their own words and receive accurate, immediate responses from your knowledge base using the web, email or SMS. You will learn about best practices for:

  • Simplifying interactions with customers no matter where they are (web self-help, virtual assistance, mobile).
  • Improving search, analysis and correlation of meaningful customer intelligence trapped unstructured text.
  • Email management and analysis for information retrieval.
  • Increased effectiveness and reduced costs for Customer Call Centers.

View the recording: Using Semantic Technology to Transform Customer Support