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What Are Users Saying about My Products?

19 May 2009

One of the most popular Italian insurance companies monitors the comments of Web 2.0 users, 5-20-09

Modena, 15 May 2009 – Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that searches, discovers, classifies and interprets unstructured text information, announces today that Dialogo, an insurance company of the Fondiaria-Sai Group, has adopted the innovative software Cogito Monitor to optimize the detection of brand reputation.

Dialogo automatically captures and analyzes the opinions expressed by users in forums dedicated to the insurance sector and thanks to the use of Cogito Monitor, Dialogo can evaluate immediately what is said on the web (for example, Auto insurance, customer service etc.) and also how it is said (ex. “The most convenient policy” etc.) In fact, the software can automatically find the subject and assign to each comment, an opinion according to different levels of satisfaction (extraordinary, good, fair…)

From this process, Dialogo derives well timed and precise strategic signals to orient Marketing Intelligence processes, improve the company image, and increase its competitive advantage.

“Detecting all the opinions that users express freely on the Net has become an actual necessity for companies, in order to find strong points and market trends, as well as to undertake decisive actions when signals of possible problems are expressed by the users; says Alessandro Monico, Business Development Manager at Expert System. “Dialogo has understood the importance of this process, and is now supported by our software to analyze the opinions of web users, the reference customers for the sector of direct insurance.”

Cogito Monitor
Cogito Monitor is the Expert System semantic software for the monitoring and analysis of opinions on the Web. Using semantic technology, it understands the meaning of each word and
– finds comments, in real time, published on the Web 2.0, where each day users meet and share opinions;
– obtains quantitative and qualitative data related to customer satisfaction on products and services;
– analyzes the positioning of the brand in comparison to the reference market;
– visualizes the reputation trend in specific time periods.