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2006: What they said about Expert System…

28 December 2006

Dec 29, 2006

“The opinion expressed regarding Autom@ is good! A survey performed on clients who had used the service shows how, even if it is an automatic answering service, the customer satisfaction is in line with the pre-defined quality objectives” –Francesco Di Perna, Customer Area Internet Manager of Telecom Italia Media

“The aim was to have a tool that was easy to use, with a maximum implementation time of one year. The choice fell on Expert System” –Giovanni Farneti, employee of the Transversal Project Unit of the Bologna Town Council, From the LineaEDP article – 1-5-2006

“We invested in a unique technology, able to interpret natural language in Italian using new generation software” –Genertel.it

“The integration of Expert System technology into AskMeNow benefits our customers by technically delivering access to all types of data and by linguistically enabling natural language expression.” –Darryl Cohen, CEO, AskMeNow

“Expert System developed a fundamental technology to facilitate self service access to information using written language” –Pierluigi Zambaldo, Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager, Citec Voice

“The Semantic Intelligence products for the search and extraction of data optimize the usability of the information patrimony and the user’s customer experience” –Giorgio Valtolina, Managing Direstor, Scube NewMedia

“Search, integration and translation systems, based on natural language, optimize the usability and the user’s customer experience” –Stefano Palman, Alliance & Channel Partner Manager, E-TREE

Intelligent methods, such as those created by Expert System in the Cogito platform, start from a different point of view, that of semantic intelligence. –All Italian Intelligence, Desktop – La Stampa Web, 16-10-2006

“The fact that a Californian company, listed on the stock exchange, very close to the Silicon Valley, preferred technology developed by an Italian company is without doubt very significant.” New services in natural language, Affari & Finanza – La Repubblica, 16-10-2006
“Expert System tested software which hasn’t exactly reached artificial intelligence, but has come close.”, Cogito ergo…decoded and filed, Corriere Economia, 25-9-2006

“The idea of Stefano Spaggiari, current Managing Director, Varone and Paolo Lombardi, founders of Expert System, is inspired.” –Unicredit awards Expert System for innovation, Il Resto del Carlino, 7-7-2006

“It is a question of semantics. Intelligent. (…) New ‘semantic technologies for the management of unstructured information’ are coming into the limelight.” –Semantic tricks from investigators, Nova – Il Sole 24 ore, 29-6-2006

“The software – created with artificial intelligence algorithms – can elaborate a semantic analysis of the text and does not simply treat words as strings of ingenious character.” –Calciopoli: Beagle is coming, the detective software, Corriere della Sera.it, 25-5-2006

“… they are the only Italians who have sold software to the man who became one of the richest men in the world with software.” –Pay attention to those three: one of their software products was sold to Bill Gates, Il Giornale, 1-4-2006

“It’s evident: six years were needed to complete Cogito, but once the platform was developed, the applications that can be derived from it are countless.” –Let’s teach languages to pc’s starting from Windows, QN Economia&Politica, 4-3-2006

“When there are ideas, will to succeed and enthusiasm, Californian gold is not indispensable to win challenges. Expert System of Modena, now famous for “Semantic Intelligence” algorithms…” –Emilia exports semantic intelligence, Affari & Finanza – La Repubblica, 13-2-2006

“The characteristics of Expert System’s Cogito technology seem to be in line with the need of a rapidly changing market. (…) The application of Semantic Intelligence produces evident advantages also compared to basic linguistic analysis tools.” –White Paper IDC “Quality and value in unstructured information management: tools based on semantic analysis”

“Cogito’s strongest capabilities fall in the area of transforming unstructured data, content, and documents into structured representations. Your software was the only product we included in our response.” — IKNOW