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2007: What They Said about Expert System…

27 December 2007

… Clients, Partners, Media and Analysts, 12-28-2007

“Implementing advanced solutions such as those provided by Expert System allows us to optimize the speed and quality of the answers we provide to our customers inquiries, making our relationship with customers more dynamic, and at the same time simplifying the Customer Service processes.” –Donatella Ligas, Director of the Customer Service, Tiscali


“The response to AskWiki has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re hopeful AskWiki will become a blueprint for the power of natural language search to fundamentally alter how mobile and desktop users access information on the Internet.” –Darryl Cohen, CEO, AskMeNow


“This well of information would never be classified otherwise, and could not be shared. With Stratos, instead, it is available to everyone on the Intranet, and can be queried with questions in natural language.” –Finmeccanica spokesperson


“We integrated Expert System’s semantic technology with HDA to enable the virtual assistant to interact with the customer in natural language,  which is another step closer to an interface that is genuinely human.” –Umberto Basso, CEO, H-care


“Expert System’s innovative and unique linguistic technology enables us to address our customers’ Business Intelligence needs in the best possible way. With Cogito, we were able to extend the scope of 3BI’s solutions from structured data to the practically untapped world of unstructured data and information.” –Pierpaolo Rebecchi, director of 3BI


“One of our main key objectives is to provide solutions and services that are both able to simplify business-related activities and to benefit our clients. This partnership is an excellent example of how Avanade is always seeking to reach this goal by joining our efforts with providers of advanced technologies like Expert System.” –Fabio Zafferri, Solution Practice Director of Avanade


Press and Analysts
“Expert System gained a place on the list for the uniqueness of the semantic technology on which it based a complete offering of products for knowledge management tailored for the specific business needs and flexibility of the clients.” –Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor in chief


“The case of Expert System is interesting… Expert System, which has played its cards well in the field of computational linguistics and semantics, is interesting because right now it is at the center of one of the hottest spots in the software world.” –7-6-2007 Nova24 Il Sole 24 Ore, The conquest of semantics


“Expert System offers extremely rich content analytics and user profiling for such a comparatively young vendor. It also has a strong content connector list for such a young vendor.” –Gartner Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology, 2007


“Expert System has become, in just a few years, one of the leaders in the field of software applications for the automatic management of documents through linguistic analysis and semantic comprehension.” –1-12-2007 Milano Finanza, Very comprehensive