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AI to Fight and Manage COVID-19

We are experiencing a unique approach in combating COVID-19 through the use of AI.

An AI company warned us of the threat even several days before any public warnings were made and was able to correctly predict how the virus would spread. We were able to count on more monitoring, thanks to AI solutions specifically created to target the virus. Researchers are working to develop an AI platform that could help policymakers calibrate virus response. In China, we had drones working in various manners, from delivering food and medical supplies to monitoring the lockdown of the community. Robots were used to treat patients and disinfect surfaces. Most impressively, let’s not forget, China was able to build two hospitals in just over a week.

Register for AI to Fight and Manage COVID-19 webinar organized by AI Asia Pacific Institute to hear the practitioners view on how AI is being used to manage and fight COVID-19.

Join this online event to hear the practitioners’ view on the latest research developments unlocking new potential for AI and to learn about the exciting initiatives where this potential is being realised to combat COVID-19, and discuss about legal and ethical challenges to consider when deploying such technologies.

Date: 16 April 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 11.00 am CET – 12:30 pm CET


Dr. Evan Shellshear, Head of Analytics, Biarri
Andrea Melegari, Senior Executive Vice President, Expert System
Philippa Penfold, CEO and Co-Founder, People Collider

Moderator: Kelly Forbes, Co-Founder, AI Asia Pacific Institute