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Analysis of Steve Jobs Tweets

20 October 2011

21 Oct 2011

Expert System today unveiled the results of its semantic analysis of the tweets posted on Twitter in the days immediately following the death of Steve Jobs. Expert System conducted the analysis using the Cogito Search Explore Engine, the semantic software that improves access to content through the automatic comprehension of text. The data collected spans from October 5 through October 17, 2011 and represents a sample of over 255,372 tweets extracted with the keyword “Steve Jobs” during this period.

The findings include quantitative and qualitative data highlighting the predominant topics discussed, the people and organizations most often cited and other trends and patterns in the tweets.

Cogito SEE verifies not only quantitative data (the number of tweets made over the search period, or to evaluate the quantity of tweets of various topics), but also makes a linguistic and semantic analysis of data to analyze subjects and verbs most present in tweets, or to determine the Places, People and Organizations most mentioned in the data. Filtering and visual navigation features of Cogito enable intuitive exploration of results to discover connections in data.

“Today the ability to analyze large volumes of information for intelligence is not just an opportunity, but a real business need,” said Luca Scagliarini, Partner and Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Expert System. “Semantic technology excels in providing unique levels of precision and accuracy in the processing of unstructured information.”

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