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“Autostrade per l’Italia” improves customer assistance services with Natural Language

1 May 2007

More effective management of e-mails, 5-4-2007

The number one European supplier for motorway construction and management has chosen Expert System Semantic Intelligence to enable more effective management of unstructured data trapped in customer e-mails.


Expert System, the leading provider of Semantic Intelligence software, announced an agreement today with “Autostrade per l’Italia”, the number one European supplier for motorway construction, management, and mobility services, to integrate Cogito® into their customer care tools.

Cogito analyzes the contents of messages sent by clients to company e-mail accounts and labels them based on the subject. The message is interpreted using linguistic analysis to comprehend meaning (semantics) and then assigned to a specific category tree (sales and logistics, traffic information, etc.).


By integrating Expert System Semantic Intelligence software, Autostrade per l’Italia will:

  • Provide its customer care staff with a powerful and automatic solution for improving customer care processes and streamline interactions with clients optimizing the management of emails.
  • Offer its customers a complete service in terms of quality and effectiveness: they can freely express themselves using everyday language (natural language) and they will obtain fast and precise answers.
  • Have immediate feedback regarding the distribution of customer requests, thanks to the statistic analysis report.