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Key Benefits of AI-Based Semantic Search Tools for Your Businesss

Expert.ai Team - 10 April 2018

When it comes to search, today’s technologies have dramatically transformed our expectations of results. While traditional search tools based on keywords or statistics get it right some of the time, they are just as likely to get it wrong. This may be acceptable for the average internet search, but it’s not acceptable when you’re depending on it for knowledge management or intelligence gathering in your business.

Enterprise information creates unique challenges for traditional search. More than 80% of enterprise data is composed of unstructured information. This includes reports, presentations, text documents and social media, all of which contains great potential for the insight that fuels your most strategic activities.

Semantic search tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms help discover the relevant data and improve access to the ever-increasing volumes of information available online or in the internal repositories.


What is the difference between traditional search engines and semantic search tools based on AI?

The best way to really understand why “intelligent” tools can offer such an advantage is to understand how they differ from typical search approaches. Traditional search methods based on keywords or statistical algorithms search based on keyword relevance and frequency. They simply don’t understand the meaning of words in context. Pure machine learning technologies, which can be helpful in some cases, require a lot of time and a huge amount of effort to be trained (and continually trained to remain effective over time). As explained in this article, machine learning can only be used for basic tasks when intelligence is not required because it doesn’t have embedded knowledge.

Instead, semantic search tools based on artificial intelligence leverage advanced cognitive features to understand the human language and extract meaningful information from any knowledge base or website.

Semantics is the study of meaning, everything that is related to language. Through the automatic and deep comprehension of text, semantic technologies can discover the relevant data necessary for your business activities, from customer support to risk management, and corporate intelligence to enterprise knowledge management.


3 awesome benefits of AI-based search

When applied to search engines, AI can solve concrete and specific problems and help business be more effective and efficient. The three main advantages of search tools based on artificial intelligence are:

1) They enhance the quality of search results, providing high performance in terms of precision (excluding useless information that could cloud results) and recall (the ability to provide all the results of interest) and making the activities of search and exploration faster, more precise and complete.

2) Thanks to the automatic comprehension of natural language combined with a user friendly and interactive interface, AI applications improve the user experience and strengthen online assistance: semantic search becomes easier!

3) Beyond enhancing search and assistance, these tools support companies in the activities of analysis, tagging, enrichment and automatic correlation of internal and external information to increase the real value of knowledge.

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