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5 Reasons to Prefer Text Mining to Keyword Mining Tools

Expert.ai Team - 19 April 2018

Keyword mining is the process of searching for a list of keywords or phrases that are relevant for a specific business. Keyword mining tools basically search words in documents and retrieve one or more results. These results are the documents that contain the searched words/keywords, and you would need to read each and every document to determine if it is relevant for you.

Replace your keyword mining strategy with text mining

An effective alternative to keyword mining is text mining. Defined, text mining is “the process of deriving high-quality information from text”. Here’s what else you need to know about text mining:

  1. Text mining can be employed to transform unstructured data into valuable structured information.
  2. Text mining tools can handle heterogeneous document formats (text documents, emails, social media posts, verbatim text, etc.), as well as multilingual texts, misspelled words, abbreviations and slang typical of social media language.
  3. Text mining solutions can easily detect the presence of different topics in the same sentence.
  4. The text mining process stars with taxonomy creation, which enables more efficient information extraction and metadata association.
  5. Text mining goes even further to give us detailed information about the text itself and reveals patterns across the millions of documents in your data set.

Cognitive technology applied to text mining can understand the meaning in context of content contained documents or any structured and unstructured information. Through a deep analysis, Cogito cognitive technology recognizes key topics, entities and relations in content and guarantees an effective text mining strategy for your business.