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Semantics in Action

Luca Scagliarini - 12 January 2009

This morning we announced that an Italian agency for national health services has selected our semantic software to improve patient use of the organization’s Web site for how-to queries and healthcare questions.

One month after deploying COGITO, the Agency for Health Services saw the following changes:

  • An 80-percent increase in online queries sent through the COGITO search engine, proving the system is being used.
  • A 70-percent increase in time spent on Web pages sent by COGITO, proving patients are finding the information provided by the system is valuable and worth reading.
  • A 46-percent increase in user visits that start and end on the same page, proving patients are finding exactly what they need in one click.

For those of you who don’t know, COGITO is the Expert System pioneer semantic software that understands the meaning of words, just like a person does when reading. Sure, Cogito is a unique technology, but it’s not just about the technology. It’s about what you do with this technology and a ROI analysis showing its strategic relevance for any organization.

We are glad to have the chance to post the results achieved by our client. Giving clear benefits, and ROI as well, is a turning point for any technology. But we also know that it is important, especially for you if you are considering making an investment here, to initiate an effective Knowledge Management process, or change the way you stay in synch with your customers, or streamline the activities of your marketers, competitive analysts, products managers. As you probably already know, semantic technology is quickly going mainstream and is becoming an important strategic part of your professional (and private) life. It is the key to enhancing information access and management and is already being used in enterprises everywhere, according to the lot of case studies already available (for example, you’ll find here some of the Expert System clients success stories.)

If you’re wondering more about semantics, it’s important to consider that seeing semantics in action is the best way to understand its benefits. We’ve worked hard to provide access to online demos of our software for Intranet and Internet search and analysis, mobile and natural language search, and sentiment analysis. And the other, useful (and very exciting) challenge we continue to face is evaluating the return on investment with our prospects and/or to help compare and contrast the return on different investments.


Author: Luca Scagliarini