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AI Assisted Content Creation Workflows

Expert.ai Team - 23 October 2019

Publish or Perish – is this still true in 2019 and beyond? Certainly, content creators of all “genres” need to find and use some sort of automation methodology or tool to reduce the time spent in research and increase personal productivity resulting in additional content available to generate incremental revenue. This is both a challenging and difficult task. Concurrently, workflows can be clogged with irrelevant and unrelated material, thereby, decelerating the Content Creation process.

Not surprisingly, the most relevant driver of adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is the opportunity to automate content creation workflows that are manually executed and traditionally have been a critical issue due to the unstructured nature of content.

AI applied to text improves productivity with a faster time to market using text analytics and semantic understanding. It performs deep and wide analysis of unstructured data sets to organize, discover and explore editorial content in order to support workflows.

Information gathering: a paramount process

Scouring the public domain for information to supplement internal source material is time consuming. The digitization of content has completely changed the amount of data accessible to content creators over the past 20 years. Content creators now have access to hundreds if not thousands of pages of reports, documents and other information. The need to automate and centralize the information gathering process has become paramount. Automated acquisition of public domain material will save time and dynamically update subject matter in real time. Therefore, shortening content creation process and time to market.

AI allows you to define your public domain sources and the types of information needed. This way, you can extract subject matter relevant to your topic using Data Science and dynamically update you during your creation process. Resulting in a shorter production workflow and a faster time to market with your content.

Typically, a production or creation workflow might look something like this:

  • Step 1 – gather information from your internal content repository and begin the creation process;
  • Step 2 – research external sources/public domain; to verify facts and gather additional information augmenting and/or verifying against subject matter from your content repository;
  • Step 3 – Finalize your creative work and publish.

Where you deploy an AI tool to automate collection of external sources/public domain material; you could significantly decrease the time taken during your creation process.

Essentially; you would be reducing or eliminating the time taken during Step 2 from the typical creation workflow above. Concurrent with Step 1; while you are gathering information from your internal content repository, AI is harvesting your additional public domain material. Resulting in a wealth of content in real time to both begin and finalize your creative work and publishing in a shorter time frame.