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All I had to do was ask…

Marco Varone - 28 May 2009

It probably doesn’t mean much, but I’m very glad that  my little post on Google’s query assistant was read by someone from the giant from Mountain View and that it made an impact. In fact, if you try searching now, you’ll see that the number of results are no longer displayed. I had suggested that they put a number such as  an “order of magnitude”, but they may have had problems with that as well, so they chose not to put anything at all.

My suggestion was  playful food for thought, however, I am pleased to see that paying attention to the user is still an important element to Google. The fact that they completely eliminated the number leads me to believe that they may have problems with traffic  or volume (the numbers were useful indications of the abundance of the query, so it is strange that they removed them altogether if there weren’t more serious problems underneath).
Seeing as though I have their attention, I’d like to make another suggestion: why not fix the number problems in Google News, too? 🙂