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AnyClip and Expert.ai: Shaping the Future of AI

Expert.ai Team - 16 August 2021

Language is data and video is intelligence. Each is powerful in its own right as many companies have come to realize their value as critical assets in their day-to-day operations. But what if they could be more, together? With AI, all things are possible. Expert.ai and AnyClip offer a full-stack solution to natural language processing and video management so you can streamline processes, maximize ROI and gain powerful insight into your most valuable assets.

As a leader in natural language, expert.ai brings a lot to the table. Our platform provides robust out-of-the-box natural language solutions for any and all text, including:

  • entity extraction (names, places, people etc.)
  • word relationship identification
  • metadata generation
  • automated tagging and classification
  • sentiment/emotional analysis
  • knowledge graph visualization of text data

As you can see, the expert.ai NLU suite offers powerful natural language tools for your text-based data. However, if you’re like most companies, you probably also use video. And most of this video is likely to be undocumented and scattered throughout your organization.

AnyClip is the first fully automated and centralized video management platform for business, media and publishing.  With its unique ability to extract and harness data from video, it converts latent video libraries into high performance assets that can be searched, measured and merchandised.

With AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence Platform, you can:

  • Centralize your entire video library in a single repository
  • Automatically enrich your video with robust metadata (surfacing people, objects, brands, spoken language, text and sentiment, frame- by-frame), powering deep in-video search to support easy access to content for internal and external customers
  • Organize your content with custom taxonomies
  • Power on platform recommendation engines to surface the most contextually relevant content
  • Monitor video performance with centralized analytics and performance KPI’s
  • Distribute your content to external sites and socials or your own domains with compelling players and streaming formats
  • Use your video to drive transaction, engagement or audience growth with in-video shoppable links

When you combine AnyClip and expert.ai you are empowered to analyze your video and language-based content like never before. You’ll also enjoy a higher ROI thanks to lower capital investment and optimally targeted content thanks to NLP technology.

Additionally, both expert.ai and AnyClip offer APIs that are fully integratable with other applications, including CRMs, Digital Asset Management (DAMs) and Media Asset Management (MAMs).

Together, expert.ai and AnyClip are a powerful duo shaping the future of AI. Are you ready to realize the full potential of your language and video data with these powerhouse technologies?