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Automatic Text Categorization helps streamline your business processes

Expert.ai Team - 16 January 2018

Companies have more information than they are able to manage and process. To help tackle this problem automatic text categorization solutions are being used to make.

What is automatic text categorization?

Automatic text categorization is the activity of labeling text with categories from a predefined set according to their content.

It can be applied in many contexts, from document indexing to document filtering, automated metadata generation, and any application that requires document organization or searching. Automatic text categorization helps facilitate searching documents, reports, emails, etc., that organizations manage every day, and classifying them according to their content and categories.

The ability to automatically classify an article or an email into its proper category (IT, Economics, Politics, etc.) is appreciated by individual users as well as companies.

Enterprise applications of automatic text categorization

Using automatic text categorization software, you can automate different activities such as:

  • Document Organization: An automatic system that chooses the most suitable category for each document to classify and extract what is important from data, categorizing and making it available for more effective search and analysis.
  • Knowledge discovery: Traditional search and information analysis systems that apply a keyword approach will only be effective some of the time. To improve accuracy inretrieve the information you’re searching for requires a technology that can understand text like you do. Cognitive computing applied to automatic text categorization enhances the findability of your data and increases the efficiency of document retrieval and accessibility.

The benefits of automatic text categorization

Automatic text categorization powered by cognitive technology offers companies effective information management that is independent from subjective criteria of categorization. Automatic text categorization software, as Cogito Discover, can identify useful information by extracting and relating relevant data present in documents. It also identifies, categorizes and makes available all sources of knowledge and reduces of search time by simplifying access to content.