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The best text data mining software and tools

Expert.ai Team - 10 January 2017

Business data (over 80% of which includes text-based information) is an organisation’s most important assets. When it comes to choosing the best text data mining software and tools, determining the right solution for optimizing strategies for unstructured information management and text analytics isn’t easy. Perhaps there is no single, perfect solution. But the best scenario is one that uses all of your available data, and includes anunderstanding of its meaning.

Text data mining for business efficiency

With text data mining software and text data mining tools, we’re talking about solutions that allow management not only of structured data but also of unstructured text (found in email messages, word documents, presentations, webpages and all of your typical business documents).

For companies in any industry, staying competitive is key. Shift enterprise IT infrastructures into the cloud is one way to stay competitive by to reducing operational costs. Getting better insight from a company’s business data is a strategic way to gain a real competitive advantage.

This is where text data mining can help. From customer support to knowledge management, social media monitoring and operational risk management, text data mining software can effectively automate text- and data-driven business processes in a more timely, accurate and cost effective way.

The Case of Customer Support

The customer support area is often a wealth of potential competitive insight. Customer data or contacts lists provide some basic information. While there are a lot of easy options for gathering and navigating such data, they don’t offer much beyond listing a few entities such as names, addresses and personal information like date of birth and gender. To make the most out of every customer relationship and each contact interaction, we know that we need more than just basic lists to improve customer support activities.

Direct requests from customers, including social media interactions, for example, offer valuable opportunities and insight for most any organization. Past sales, customer email communication threads and any kind of interaction that a customer has with your organization can help marketers identify new prospects for up selling, targeting new markets and converting existing clients to new products and services. It’s also valuable for optimizing internal activities such as team collaboration and back office functions.

 Why we need more intelligence for text data mining software and tools

An in-depth analysis of text data allows you to identify and organize all of your knowledge in the most precise way possible. Text mining software and tools that are able to understand information can deliver great benefits because they add a deeper level of intelligence by extracting useful data from any information stream to take immediate and more personalized actions.
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