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Searching and Finding: What is The Big Difference?

Expert.ai Team - 29 November 2013

It’s a known fact that there’s a big difference between searching and finding.

And it’s a known fact that traditional search engines are performing better on generic web content. This is because the redundancy of information available in this context usually allows users to find “something” relevant. The situation is very different when the information is limited and belongs to a specific domain (travel sites, FAQs, etc.). In these situations, there is no redundancy to help with the lack of precision of a keyword engine.

Semantics allows for the accessing of documents, email, web pages and social content in a more effective way. And not only for written text, but as was shown in the latest case study we announced, semantic technology can be used to manage photos, as well.

This is the case of a customer we recently signed.

ANSA, a leading global press agency, chose semantic technology to improve access in its ANSAFoto image database, analyzing captions of millions of photographs. As our CTO explains, “This is the first application of Cogito being used for the specific search of images in a rich archive, allowing users and editors to quickly identify the right photo for every need.”

This is a trend that will only increase in the coming months.