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Why you should choose a chatbot for Customer Service

Expert.ai Team - 14 June 2017

As we all know, poor customer service is enough to drive a customer away for good. In our always connected world, customers hold greater power than ever before. One tweet or post about a bad experience is all that it takes to damage a brand’s reputation. Therefore, offering a positive customer experience is essential. To do so, many are turning to a chatbot for customer service.

Chatbots are an excellent choice for ensuring a positive customer experience because they can interact with via instant messaging applications, or web pages, in real time, 24/7. Tailored one-to-one support, when and where the customer needs it is a winning combination for both you and the customer. According to Gartner, chatbots’ advantages for customer satisfaction (increasing it) and costs (reducing them) will triple their usage in the enterprise.

In addition to official customer channels, chatbots are being increasingly used at the page level to proactively prompt customers with the offer of live chat assistance. This is an excellent way to establish dialogue with a customer and build a relationship (and a sense of trust) that extends beyond the purchase.

In addition to the direct customer experience benefits, the chatbot for Customer Service allows brands to learn from these conversations by tracking customer interests and behaviors, providing relevant signals for how to meet their needs and opportunities for cross selling.

To create such a useful experience, chatbots must be able to understand customers in their natural language, the way that they actually speak. This includes the use of abbreviations, acronyms, slang and all of the shortcuts that we use to communicate with each other that are uniquely human.


Chatbot for Customer Service powered by cognitive technology

Intelligent chatbots powered by Expert System’s cognitive technology, Cogito, understand language. With Cogito, customers can ask questions and understand replies in a way that makes them feel understood, even when they use ambiguous sentences. A question such as “Where’s the invoice?” could pose a challenge to an ordinary chatbot for Customer Service. However, thanks to its cognitive and semantic capabilities, Cogito can distinguish whether the customer is looking for where to download the invoice, for example, or when the same question is used to complain that the expected invoice has not arrived.

Intelligent chatbots powered by cognitive technologies can provide the right answers, allowing customers to take their next steps in autonomy, leaving them with the sense of self-service power that customers have come to expect in this digital era.