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Cognitive technology for SEO: Beyond keyword identification

Expert.ai Team - 17 October 2017

Effective keyword identification is crucial for all enterprise processes that involve content analysis, document classification and information retrieval. It provides a comprehensive list of words relevant for a specific webpage or any type of document.

Why SEO keywords are important

Keyword identification in SEO activities aims to create a list of keywords that are relevant to your customers and to your content. Optimizing your SEO so that users can find your site via search engines can have a major impact on your digital investment.

When indexing web content on a search engine, getting the correct keyword is essential. The more that the keyword is present on the page (in your content), the search engine will rank the document serious and correct. This impacts the position that the document will have on the search engine when a user searches for that keyword.

Having the correct keywords is also essential for attracting the attention of potential customers who are interested in your products and services.

The limits of keyword approaches

It is important to understand how keywords are typically extracted from documents (including from web pages). Most technologies apply a statistical approach, which extracts the most cited words in the document. However, statistics cannot understand what the words mean. Therefore,  it provides only keyword identification. This is not effective because  the most used word is not necessarily the key topic of a piece of text or document, so a more thorough search is required to find the right keyword.

Cognitive technology: how to find the best SEO keywords

Effective keyword extraction requires a high-quality text mining technology that can effectively identify keywords, and automatically and reliably measure their relevance from any type of document. The ability of Cogito to analyze text goes beyond keyword identification. It allows the system to correctly classify not just words, but concepts because it is able to disambiguate meaning from structured and unstructured information. Cogito determines the meaning of each word based on the context in which it is present. From this analysis, Cogito identifies the correct keyword and possible alternative keywords that are present in the text or document.

Cogito cognitive technology can be adopted to recognize and extract relevant items of information hidden in text content, enrich document metadata and analyze web content, recognizing key topics, entities and relations. Thanks to these capabilities, Cogito effectively supports keywords extraction for content navigational structure, and holds the creation of pay per click programs and SEO operations. In other words, by making it easy for your customers to find you, Cogito enhances the value of your content and increases your monetization opportunities.