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Why competitive intelligence services are no longer just a nice to have

Expert.ai Team - 28 December 2017

Running a race with a blindfold isn’t easy and getting to the finish line (much less winning it!) is close to impossible. You could say the same thing about a company without an effective competitive intelligence service. A company that can’t understand, monitor and analyze what is happening in the world outside the business is like a runner with a blindfold who can’t see obstacles, changes in direction or other runners in his path.
Competitive intelligence services that convert your available data into intelligence can help provide a real-time view of your competitive landscape.


Analyzing big data through competitive intelligence services

Competition is more than simply monitoring competitors. It requires analyzing the available data and information about your competitors, but also on the entire external environment, stakeholders, products, similar suppliers, market trends and customers in order to support better decision making. Competitive intelligence services analyze streams of information (company news, industry blogs, social media) that allows organizations to identify market changes such as the entrance of a new company on the market, the acquisition of an innovative startup, when a competitor takes the business in a new direction, releases new products, and what customers think, etc. Anticipating what your competition will do, intercepting market trends, tracking weak signals—in other words, learning what is happening outside the organization, as much as possible and as soon as possible—provides a real strategic value.


How cognitive technology reveals insight hidden in data

The cognitive technology Cogito understands the meaning of words in the same way you did when you learned to read. While traditional technologies can only guess at meaning using keywords, Cogito understands the meaning of words and the relationships between them. Collecting information and just aggregating the results of a search is a useful task, but it’s not enough to obtain a competitive advantage.

With Cogito Intelligence Platform, you can start with thousands of sources and in as few as three clicks, you’ll have the only sources of content that matter to you most, including data you didn’t perceive as useful at the beginning of the process. Through unique capabilities (comprehensive information extraction, flexible source acquisition, rich discovery and visualization tools, target management and analytics), Cogito Intelligence Platform allows not only information search, but also a deep analysis and exploration of data sets.

Take off the blindfold and reveal insight with Cogito!