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Conceptual Search Software

Expert.ai Team - 12 December 2017

When it comes to search, what’s most important is finding what we need from millions of options.
Conceptual Search Software helps refine the results of search by retrieving information that is contextually similar to the searched term or phrase on the web or in a repository of documents. It retrieves results that do not match your query, but instead, that share conceptual meaning with your query.
As our reliance on search tools have grown, it has also exposed the limits of keywords in providing the most accurate results. The diversity and ambiguity of a word or phrase often leads to a large number of irrelevant results. In a business context, wading through thousands of documents to make sure you have the right ones is a waste of both time and money.
Instead, Conceptual Search Software understands words and their context. It can identify the relevant information based on a conceptual understanding of your query. In this way, you don’t have to know the exact and precise keywords, and you have access to information and document that would have remained hidden if using keyword matching.

Has Conceptual Search lived up to its promises?

I think it has. Conceptual Search Software overcomes the low precision of keyword search tools and provides users with a much broader and relevant set of results. Greater precision limits the abundance of “false positives” and in the end, reduces time and costs.

Cogito for Conceptual Search.

Expert System’s Cogito goes beyond the capabilities of keyword search. Cogito provides both semantic and conceptual search capabilities. Semantic search is the ability to understand the meaning of words in context.

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Cogito provides an “out of the box” way to do search, thanks to its unique ability to learn both from experts and on its own using advanced machine learning algorithms. Its human-like comprehension of content allows you to move at the speed of today’s technologies, and it supports users in meeting critical deadlines soon. Cogito provides relevant information or documents from unstructured information of any source (email, digital archives, web content, social media, etc.).