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Conversational Engines: leave keyword analysis behind!

Expert.ai Team - 4 October 2017

The phrase “Conversational Engines” implies the ability to converse with users in a way that makes understanding them and their needs possible. There has been a lot of hypearound the promise of natural language comprehension that in some cases, hasn’t matched the hopes and expectations. Often, the disconnect happens because some conversational engines are backed not by cognitive technologies, but by systems using basic keyword analysis. Although a sentence or an entire conversation is made up of words, understanding the meaning of each specific word is not enough if you want to truly comprehend what a conversation is about.

People perform this very natural task hundreds of times a day. To succeed at this same task on even a basic level, a, Conversational Engine requires a linguistic approach.

At Expert System, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose your words carefully to be understood by any system, including conversational engines. Expert System applies the cognitive technology Cogito to break down the technological barriers between users and computers. With Cogito, a new type of conversational search engine that can provide a human-like experience is made possible. Based on Cogito and its unique ability to mimic human comprehension, conversational engines can understand each word used in every sentence and assign them their proper semantic meaning based on the context in which they appear.

Moreover, Cogito has the human-like capability to recognize to what, or to whom, a user is referring when using pronouns instead of specific keywords, or names and surnames.

Applied to customer service for example, the result would be a prompt increase in user satisfaction as a result of more precise, fast replies. Thousands of customers could be managed with a one-to-one approach, automatically 24/7. This would make it easier to address customer complaints and solve customer issues before they become problems.

Leave keyword analysis behind! Allow your customers to forget the old query refinement approach where they have to understand the system they interact with. With new conversational engines empowered by cognitive technologies like Cogito, it will be up to the system to understand your user’s requests and not vice-versa, providing them with the more natural and human approach that they deserve.