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Disclose Risks and Opportunities with Market Intelligence Tools

Expert.ai Team - 4 April 2018

Your supply chain, your competitors, your customers—companies need to make sure that any potential risk or opportunity is on your radar. With so much information available, companies may find it challenging to distinguish which information matters without the proper tools for analyzing it. Market Intelligence Tools can help companies collect, analyze and utilize business data from all the sources at your disposal.

For companies evaluating risk, information poses a unique challenge. The volume alone makes it impossible for humans to efficiently manage. To extract real value from information requires technology that is able to reveal the insight hidden within. Unstructured information from internal and external sources such as online media, internal documentation, social media and open source data are all examples of information that companies may use to monitor for risks and opportunities.

A Market Intelligence Tools can analyze any volume of information in a way that can be easily automated which frees the risk analyst and enable him to focus on what really matters.

These capabilities will help you evaluate the risks that lies within your organization, or those from competitors, suppliers and any actors or events that generate risk., These tools also provide useful analytics to identify new opportunities and provide metrics that you can use to take better decisions, faster.

Empower your organization with a Market Intelligence Tool to identify Risks and Opportunities

Market Intelligence Tools have proven to be a true support for businesses by combining insights and analytics, giving companies the chance to evaluate different strategies and implement new business models that can answer practical questions about their situation compared to their industry and competitors, helping them define new, measurable goals without losing focus on ROI.

Market Intelligence Tools powered by Cogito can help you to reach all these goals adding a unique capability to the power of modern technologies: the ability to understand information like a human being would.
Think what you could achieve with such power at your disposal! Cogito will read and understand every piece of content with the same skills of your analysts, but with a speed that is unreachable for humans. Like a real expert, it will discard all the irrelevant information and provide you with only the most important information e. Moreover, with Cogito you can set up alerts to monitor any news or events that can impact your business, your industry, your competitor, or customers. With customizable and real-time analytics, Cogito offers decision makers the insights and trends you need to keep a close eye on your organization’s risks while evaluating new opportunities.