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Don’t miss the chance to deploy AI in your customer service applications

Expert.ai Team - 2 October 2018

Customer service is one of the most exposed parts of an organization’s corporate image. Delivering a great customer experience is an effective way to ensure a positive corporate image. Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions can be deployed to improve the customer experience and reduce the costs of customer service. In this post, we’ll look at the role that AI plays in transforming customer service.

How AI is changing customer service

There are many ways that AI can improve the quality of customer service and experience. One of the most effective applications is AI chatbots.

AI chatbots for customer service

Chatbots can answer customers’ inquiries cheaply, quickly and consistently at any time, and they are able to handle a high volume of requests. When the chatbot is unable to resolve the issue, the customer can be routed to a live agent, who will receive the necessary background information provided by the bot before the interaction with the customer. In this way, the agent has the information they need and can focus on solving the customer’s issue. In addition, AI technologies can make the agent’s job more efficient by scanning and tagging emails to direct them to the right department, reducing response time and setting the stage to ensure that issues are resolved.

Thanks to the data that bots can gather from their interactions with customers, AI chatbots can inform customers about relevant promotions or offer products and services that are aligned with a customer’s needs. Chatbots in customer service can perfectly meet the customer’s expectations of how customer service should work.

Using complete CRM data trough AI

Customers use different channels to find products, ask questions or make complaints. As a result, businesses have to prioritize customer care, loyalty and satisfaction, and for this reason, customer resource management (CRM) systems should be used to provide better and faster solutions. Deployed in CRM systems, AI can make the difference. AI technologies can analyze massive volumes of data and convert it into intelligence that about customers. Having detailed information about customers will make it easier foragents to better meet a customer’s needs.

AI-assisted CRM can learn from past decisions, actions taken and historical patterns available in the data to qualify leads and plan the roadmap from lead to deal. Thanks to these insights, CRM platforms can create a targeted campaign that will better align with the customer, using the right channel at the right time and improving customer satisfaction along the way.

Benefits of AI in customer service

According to a Forrester report on customer service trends, we are already in the era of automated, smarter and more strategic customer service. Applied to customer service, AI can:

  • Gain real-time insights across all customer contact channels, anticipating trends or identifying weak signals
  • Identify customer issues and deliver the right solutions quickly
  • Deliver personalized services and promotions
  • Understand customers’ needs and interests to support a customer-focused approach
  • Automate repetitive processes

Customer service is one area where AI is already making the difference in improving the quality or reducing the costs of customer service across industries. With the right AI technology, organizations can help employees be more productive and more efficient, adding value to your company and customers throughout the process.