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Don’t settle for anything else than true Artificial Intelligence!

Expert.ai Team - 6 March 2018

Don’t settle for anything else than true Artificial Intelligence!

As organizations have been seeing the transformational value of Artificial Intelligence when they need to manage text content, the adoption of AI-based solutions is accelerating. But not all AI solutions are equally powerful, fast, flexible and… intelligent. And, above all, AI is not machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence is much more than pure machine learning.  That’s why we’ve developed this short movie – to explain how Cogito goes beyond Machine Learning into true AI.

Providing artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and text analytics to enterprises, we saw that all enterprise clients (no matter the difference in the organization structures or industry) face the same challenges when planning RPA or information management initiatives:

  • fast time to market
  • low and controlled development costs
  • the greatest flexibility
  • the highest accuracy as possible

Pure machine learning technologies don’t have embedded knowledge – this means that they require a lot of time and a huge amount of work to train. Business documents must be manually tagged, and to keep their learning current, they will have to be continually trained again and again.

Cogito, instead, is true AI technology that mimics the human ability to understand content. Cogito comes with built-in knowledge and immediately understands the content of any document. It takes just a little effort to make Cogito more intelligent to handle even complex scenarios.

Find out why Cogito is Different and… Don’t settle for less than true AI!