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Where are your Easter eggs? Big data analysis: Discover what’s hiding in your information

Expert.ai Team - 29 March 2018

No surprises:  Apply big data analysis to discover what’s hiding in your information

In business, no one wants to be surprised by what’s hiding in their data. In a recent meeting at our headquarters, a CIO put it this way: Even if you can’t be 100% sure that you’ll find it, you know that valuable information and insight is hiding in your big data. The catch is finding those “Easter eggs” through your analysis efforts.

A company’s internal and external repositories are valuable sources of information, but only if you’re able to discover the surprises hiding there by capturing, understanding and analyzing all of your information.

Big data analysis and the challenge of unstructured information

The problem is that more than 80% of enterprise data today is unstructured—email, documents, customer data, reports, web and social media content—and constantly growing. Enterprises must rely on technology to distinguish what is useful and relevant.

How Cogito helps you find the most valuable data

Expert System’s Cogito cognitive technology, based on Artificial intelligence algorithms, provides big data analysis software to unlock the value in your information. Through its ability to take into account every aspect of language—meanings, verb tense or mode, gender, slang, etc.— Cogito technology helps organizations unlock the value of unstructured information, ensuring the immediate availability of the content. Thanks to this unique capability to read and understand written texts like a human, Cogito can extract insights from multiple sources in many languages and analyze the full picture of your information and surface the knowledge and insight hidden there.

Through big data analysis, enterprises can improve the efficiency of their business processes and make faster and better informed decisions.

Cogito enables early identification of information, making sense of vast amounts of data through collection and categorization, allowing you to quickly escalate it through the proper channels. We automate manual coding processes, reducing the time frame from weeks or months to a matter of minutes.

The right information at the right time can mean the difference between gaining or losing millions of dollars… Improve your big data analysis with the power of Cogito AI

An understanding of the meaning of each written word and its context can provide not only the most accurate information, but also the flexibility to define the information of interest at any moment in time.