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Webinar: Effective Risk Management starts with OSINT

Expert.ai Team - 29 March 2016

No matter the sector or size of your business, managing risk is and will continue to be a main concern. Over the many years that we’ve been helping organizations anticipate potentially disruptive events using open source information, it’s rewarding to see a shift in how companies, analysts and executives are looking at the very important area referred to as enterprise risk management.

Open source intelligence, OSINT, is no longer solely for the three-letter agency, but is finally being recognized for the measurable business value that it can provide for any organization. Regardless of size or sector, the timely identification of so-called “weak signals” in freely available information (social media streams, forums, news, websites and more) can help companies mitigate risks from supply chain disruptions, threats to the brand reputation, product quality issues or even criminal activity. In fact, with an effective OSINT strategy, we’ve helped companies mitigate a variety of operational risks, from Asset Protection and Reputation Management, to Supply Chain Risk, IP Protection, Fraud Management and more.

The area of risk management is an especially hot topic as companies tackle with all of these risks, and many still struggle with articulating its value to decision makers and where to start.

If you’re just beginning to explore your enterprise risk management options, we hope you’ll join us for a live webinar on Wednesday, March 31. We’ll be talking about the strategic value of OSINT with Security & Risk Management Analyst Nick Hayes from Forrester Research. We’ll also cover a range of topics, including the advantages of an in-house vs. an outside agency for OSINT monitoring, and we’ll share practical examples of how an effective risk mitigation platform can help you. We still have a few spaces available, and registration is free. We hope you’ll join us!