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Expert.ai: The Next Frontier of Natural Language AI

Expert.ai Team - 1 October 2020

Every change presents new opportunities. It’s this mindset that has enabled Expert System to sustain success in the world of natural language understanding (NLU) for the past 30 years. Today, more change is on the way — change that everyone can be excited about.

The Dawn of a New Era

Expert System has always been driven by helping organizations make the most of their information. That much will always remain the same. However, as the market for artificial intelligence continues to evolve and grow, so too do we. With that said, we are excited to introduce you to expert.ai — the brand that will lead NL into the future.

The Story Behind Expert.ai

The decision to launch the expert.ai brand was one rooted in strategic importance. Companies are adopting and implementing AI at an astronomical rate right now (up 270% in just four years). While the surge in adoption is promising, we have yet to see an uptick in established practical AI solutions.

The crux of the issue comes down to data. According to a Splunk survey, 60% of organizations believe more than half of their data is dark. In other words, their data is unused and simply taking up storage space. Even more concerning is that 21% believe that data is not a priority to recover. It should not and cannot be this difficult to retrieve data. With expert.ai, it won’t be.

The launch of the expert.ai brand follows the release of our new Natural Language API. This offering arms users with all of the natural language tools they need to extract value from their unstructured data. More importantly, users can integrate it into their existing platform, as they see fit.

“The new expert.ai brand reflects the evolution of our strategic vision to make our solution accessible and simple. Users can now more easily create their own solutions based on our unique expertise and technology, and it reinforces the same dedication to excellence, innovation and quality that our valued customers and partners have come to expect.”

Walt Mayo, CEO, expert.ai

Successful AI requires technology and users working in concert with one another. We feel that expert.ai makes this possible, while giving organizations greater access to their most impactful resource: data.

With expert.ai, we are confident that we will make AI available, make AI simple, and make everyone…an expert​.

Breaking Down the NL API

So now that you have access to our NL API, what exactly are you getting from it? In a nutshell, we provide you with access to several core platform features that help you break information down by:

  • Disambiguation
  • Main elements and topics
  • Lemmas
  • Sentences
  • Phrases
  • Syncons
  • Named entities
  • Classification

These features will instantly provide valuable insights into your unstructured data that will help you bring more stability and efficiency to your business operations. For more information on how to leverage our platform and apply these features, join us for our upcoming webinar. We will make you an expert in no time.

Natural Language API and SDK: Practical Live Demos

Join our webinar on October 7 to see all of the ways you can leverage the expert.ai NL API.

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