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Expert System and TEMIS join forces to create leading semantic technology provider for cognitive computing

Expert.ai Team - 28 May 2015

Now that we’ve officially announced our joint operation, it’s time to share a bit more information about it. It’s a friendly operation and it’s the result of a shared vision.

Semantic technologies are used in more areas than ever. Homeland Security, Pharma and Healthcare, Media and Publishing all rely on them. Enterprise Information Management and Customer Experience Management as well. But what’s playing out in the background is that computing is becoming cognitive. More and more, thanks in large part to semantics, our applications will understand context. And as a result, they’re going to become more adaptive, more interactive, and more intelligent.

We both believe that cognitive computing is going to become pervasive. And both of our organizations want to play a leading role in this market. That’s why we’re joining forces. Because scale makes a difference.

As a joint entity, we are establishing a truly global presence, and an engineering and professional services capability that have no equivalent in the market. The next step for us is to combine the strengths of our respective product lines. You can count on us to continue to innovate. Our platform will be best-of-breed. It will place the vast knowledge available inside and outside of your organization within easy, analytical, and quasi-real time reach.

Our goal is to integrate the two companies over the next few months, and to complete this process in 2016. TEMIS management is staying on board and joining Expert System’s to build the future. We’ll continue to share information with you as the process unfolds. You can also follow us on Twitter (@Expert_System, @TEMIS_Group) or LinkedIn, and sign up to our newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the years and for your contributions to our success. This is just the beginning.

Stefano Spaggiari, CEO, Expert System
Eric Brégand, CEO, TEMIS