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Introducing Cogito Studio

Expert.ai Team - 6 April 2016

Implementing effective information and knowledge management applications require attention to be paid to the specific needs of each industry and organization. A one for all or black box approach results in sub par performance and limited business value. On the contrary, enriching the knowledge of cognitive software with domain knowledge and customizing the application to process content according to the needs (classification and extraction) of each specific application, is the core of a successful and fast implementation. With this in mind, we have enhanced the main features of Cogito Studio, our product that provides an integrated environment for text analytics project modelling, knowledge enrichment and data mining results evaluation.

Cogito Studio now features:

  • A project editor which allows specific taxonomy design, specific extraction templates and applies rules that leverage Cogito semantic disambiguation and networks
  • A test bench feature which provides testing and reporting tools for validating new project rules against a collection of documents, measuring regressions and improvements
  • An automatic rules generation capability for categorization projects
  • A Sensigrafo editor for enhancing the semantic network with customer knowledge
  • A project versioning feature for team working

The new release of Cogito Studio reflectsour vision of Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning can be made more powerful and effective by Cogito semantic algorithms that have been designed to simulate the human ability to read and understand language. Through the combination of the best of both artificial intelligence semantic algorithms and deep learning techniques, Cogito Studio helps companies assert their business priorities, by optimizing the creation of applications that are advanced, intelligent and easy to use.

As part of this new release, we have developed a new product brochure and planned demo sessions. To schedule a demo or if you need more information, please feel free to contact us.