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Why reputation management services matter to your business

Expert.ai Team - 19 September 2017

In business, reputation is everything. In a world where it’s ever easier toshare opinions with everyone in the world, a terrible review, a critical blog post or a complaint from a former employee could be the first thing that a potential customer sees. The impact on the business could be devastating.

Social media and the web are where companies spend a lot of time and money to build their brand. It’s also the place where customers increasingly share their opinions and feedback about their experiences with a brand. Unfortunately, most customer feedback and complaints about companies, products or services are ignored or without a reply on social media. This is a missed opportunity.

Online reputation management services are the best solution for building a great online reputation or to regain it in a prompt manner.

Why should you use reputation management services?

Online reputation management services can help both businesses and individuals to:

  • Build and maintain a positive web presence, so that this is the first things a potential customer sees online.
  • Help your business improve and speed market intelligence, product development, competitive research and customer service activities.
  • Identify weak signals, positive or negative sentiment regarding content or keywords to target your audience through SEO and social media marketing.

To make the most of reputation management services, you need to be able to understand what’s being said about you and your business online.

To really understand what people are saying about your company, you need technology that can understand the language used by customers to express themselves on social media.

Using cognitive technology, you can understand the unique aspects of social language, including slang, jargon, acronyms, abbreviations, to hear and comprehend intent, sentiment, preferences and trends in what customers and the market, are saying about your brand.

Social Media Monitoring tools powered by Expert System semantic technology enable companies to manage, analyze and extract insight from billions of social media posts, profiles and conversations.

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