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Does Your Organization Have All the Risk Management Tools You Need?

Expert.ai Team - 15 October 2019

The interconnectedness of today’s world poses unique challenges that force corporate security and intelligence units to adopt new risk management tools. Rather than just monitoring and reacting to threats, companies must be able to anticipate risks. To do so, they require more complete, real-time and strategic risk information to power decision making.

Identifying Risks

Using this interactive map of a city, from the 2019 Global Risk Management Survey by Aon, you can discover the main risks for each industry. As you can see, at any given time, an organization in most any industry faces any number of risks. This is just a sample: Damage to reputation/brand, cybercrime, hacking, economic slowdowns, regulatory changes, increasing competition, technology failure, political risk, business interruption, environmental risk, natural disasters, property damage, third party liability, failure to attract or retain top talent, loss of data, distribution or supply chain failure.

New Risk Management Tools for Actionable Insight

The good news is that an unprecedented amount of information can be exploited to anticipate competitors’ strategic moves, predict market trends and critical events, or to protect the organization against threats, etc. The bad news is that, while this information is already available both inside and outside the company (websites and social media, emails, documents, CRM data and data from internal repositories), organizations are challenged when it comes to managing it in a way that delivers value.

Organizations must adopt the right risk management tools in order to take full advantage of their information assets and convert this information into actionable insight.

The Cognitive Computing for Risk Mitigation

expert.ai Intelligence Platform, based on expert.ai’s cognitive software, is a risk management and intelligence platform that is used by corporate security and intelligence units in a range of industries and government agencies in Europe and in the US. It supports analysts in all phases of the intelligence cycle, making the vast amount of content they acquire more findable. The expert.ai Intelligence Platform has the unique capability to perform deep analysis and exploration of data sets: you can start with thousands of internal or external sources and in as few as three clicks, you’ll have the only sources of content that matter to you most. You only need three clicks to support more effective decision making and operational risk management.