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Semantic Web Technologies and Applications for Enterprises

Expert.ai Team - 24 January 2017

When it comes to searching for specific results, the semantic web approach is a bit different from the standard search experience that many of us are used to. The semantic web accesses metadata descriptions to understand what a page is about and retrieve information you are looking for.

In this post, we’ll talk about the advantage of using semantic web applications and technologies in enterprise, with a focus on three industry sectors.

Semantic web technologies and applications for Oil & Gas

The oil and gas is known for being a data heavy industry. Each day, a large amount of data is generated day from a variety of scientific, geological and engineering sources. In the Oil & Gas sector, every step, from discovery to production, is extremely data intensive. This data contains critical information to predict failures or anomalies that can cost millions of dollars per day. Semantic web technologies and applications can support engineers and workers in combining and analyzing data in order to understand and predict events that impact daily operations.

Semantic web applications can effectively manage the following activities:

  • Predict certain events in order to better manage operations
  • Easy and timely access to data to be able to provide the right information at the right time
  • Combine heterogeneous data to support more effective decision-making processes

Semantic web technologies and applications for Publishing and Media

Digital media offers publishers and information providers an exciting opportunity for bringing new content to users and for expanding their businesses. In this new scenario, finding new and effective way to compete is essential for companies in the Media and Publishing industry. The process of storing, organizing and presenting content can benefit from the use of Semantic Web technologies:

  • Semantically enriching content enhances the ability of your audience to discover, navigate and share your content
  • Easily correlate topics across documents, pages, blog posts, etc. to offer the most relevant content to users
  • Supports packaging content into new products to provide additional value to users

Semantic web technologies and applications for Life Science & Pharma Industry

Life science and pharma organizations need to make sense of highly diverse, internal and external information flows that come from a wide variety of sources such as biomedical literature, patents, clinical trial reports, healthcare records, specialized news outlets and even social media.

Given the massive amount of available information in proprietary and public content repositories, researchers and decision makers need to be able to extract key insight from this information.

Semantic web technologies and applications allow:

  • Track competitors’ business development, including partnerships and licensing
  • Maintain real-time awareness of regulatory evolutions
  • Minimize intellectual property infringement risks and associated legal costs

Semantic web technologies and applications for Insurance

With the spread of online banking, increasing competition has elevated the need for providing excellent customer service in the Banking and Insurance sector. Digital also offers insurers new ways to cut costs and an opportunity to bring real additional value to the customer experience.

Semantic web technologies and applications provide the following benefits for Banking and Insurance customers:

  • Support for effectively evaluating risk profiles in financing requests
  • Dramatically improve the effectiveness of customer self-service applications and other customer support functions Automate time-intensive manual processes for quick and accurate claims approval and validation