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Social Media Analytics Platform

Expert.ai Team - 31 October 2017

Over the last 20 years, the use of social media has spread throughout the world. In just a short time, social networks have become the largest platform for information exchange.

Each day, information is exchanged through websites, and each user can express his or her opinion that is considered useful material for analysis. By analyzing the right information, companies can use it for a variety of marketing purposes and even for implementing new business strategies.

On social media, users predominantly employ natural language in their posts or messages between users. Natural language is how people communicate with each other (using slang, acronyms, jargon, abbreviations),  which is difficult to analyze. Artificial intelligence supports us in this analysis by understanding the meaning of the words in order to give the right meaning to the text.

Artificial intelligence for Social Media Analysis

Artificial intelligence platforms are designed to understand natural language, with all its complexities and ambiguities. Intelligent platforms analyze every word in its context to properly understand the meaning of a text. Structured and unstructured information are exchanged on the web, and the analytics platform must be able to capture every detail of the topic. To break through the ambiguity in text, these thinking platforms are able to attribute to words a specific meaning by analyzing the context,. Applied to social networks, these platforms can extrapolate data from the information that users exchange.

In this way, companies have information on which they can base a number of activities. It can be used to spark new business ideas or to understand  trends. The  intelligence gained from analysis can also be used to enrich the company’s product range or to provide customers with immediate and satisfactory support.

Cogito for Social Media Analytics Platform

Through a cognitive ability to understand the unique aspects of social language, Cogito cognitive technology comprehends intent, as well as sentiment, in social media information. In turn, this intelligence can be used to fuel a variety of business functions, from market intelligence, to product development, competitive research and customer service.

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