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Social Media Analytics System: power in the hands of businesses

Expert.ai Team - 4 July 2017

In case you are still wondering how ads are served on social media here is some news: they are not served randomly. Each of us predominantly sees products for which we may have expressed, directly or indirectly, some interest. Agorithms, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), or more simply by statistics, are able to understand our favorite items by analyzing data.

Across the web, social network users unconsciously leave information across the web that allows businesses to understand their wants and needs. Companies can then personalize their ads based on customer preferences, leveraging ocial media data. The objective is for ads to reflect customer aspirations at any moment in time . Ideally, social media analytics systems that work properly help customers choose confidently and fast, and allow companies to profit from it.

How Companies use social media analytics systems

With today’s technology, identifying the needs of customers is now quite easy. Social media analytics services enable companies to know their customers intimately and use statistics to optimize their marketing strategy. An AI algorithm understands the natural language of social media users and classifies and studies the human mind based on its expressed preferences. Social media analytics software is able to provide real-time information and predict a possible customer need or behavior, based on comments, clicks and posts left by users on social media sites. In addition to the increase in sales, companies can provide much more efficient pre-post sale services and expand the company’s notoriety.

Cogito Technology applied to social media analysis

Cogito is an artificial intelligence technology that understands every word or phrase published by users on the web. Through the compilation of collected data, Cogito can provide companies with a precise overview of the customer’s profile: their preferences, needs, tastes, ideologies, religion, etc. Through AI and machine learning, companies can classify customer profiles, clustering them in groups with similar intentions/behaviors and allowing them to select the right time and modality to advertize for each band. Cogito feeds these preferences extracted from real time data to the customer database, which then can be used more effectively to design customized messages. Personalized advertising provides a number of benefits: for companies benefit from less customer churn and stronger relationships with customers, and customers benefit from safety, speed and satisfaction.