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Social Media Engagement: a Long-Term Relationship with Your Customers

Expert.ai Team - 18 September 2018

Today, social media is where people go to find news or products, to chat with friends, share content and interact with brands. Companies have understood the relevant role of social media engagement and are using social channels to achieve a better understanding of their customers, anticipate their needs and capture new trends. Social media engagement is an essential component of every organization’s strategy.

What does social media engagement mean?

Social media engagement is a challenge for many organizations. While it is not easy to target the right audience on social media channels, it is even more difficult to monitor and understand discussions that customers or influencers are having in real time.

Social media is a long-term relationship with all your customers and prospects. The number of followers, public shares and likes offer a direct way to understand how customers feel about your company and your products and services. Therefore, it’s important that you understand what customers are saying about your brand. The comments contained in social media posts are essentially unstructured information that you have to manage in order to understand it and use it for insight and decision making.

In the past, when it came to communicating with companies and interacting with customer service departments, customers were prepared to wait. Today, social media is one ofthe preferred communication channels and companies are offering enhanced customer service, including through social media, and they are leveraging advanced solutions – such as those based on artificial intelligence and text analytics, to gather, read and analyze social content and all customer-centered information.

Social Media Monitoring: a powerful tool to measure your Social Media Engagement

Thanks to data gathered through hashtags, keywords, etc., is possible to track the traffic and the engagement of your audience and gain insights to be more competitive or to anticipate trends.

However, to identify trends, customer preferences and monitor weak signals requires hearing and understanding what customers and prospects are saying on social media. Expert System’s Cogito technology can help companies with social media monitoring. Social Media Monitoring tools enable companies to manage, analyze and extract insight from data hosted in social media channels.

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