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Text Analysis Examples: Exploring the style of Elena Ferrante

Expert.ai Team - 9 March 2017

“Who is Elena Ferrante?” This question gave us the chance to explore author Elena Ferrante’s language and style using text analysis.

While the name Elena Ferrante is known worldwide, until now there no conclusive biographic details about the writer’s true identity. While there has been much speculation around this (according to recent reports, Elena Ferrante could be Anita Raja), there has been no confirmation from Ferrante. The question “who is Elena Ferrante?” still remains unanswered.

This is the sort of enigma that we love at Expert System, and to answer this question, we developed an independent analysis. Based on Cogito cognitive technology, in this text analysis example, we compared the literary style of Elena Ferrante with that of four of the most cited candidates behind the Ferrante pseudonym (translator Anita Raja, Raja’s husband and author Domenico Starnone, novelist Marco Santagata and essayist Goffredo Fofi).

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What we discovered in our text analysis example focusing on the language and style of Elena Ferrante

For our text analysis, we took into consideration hundreds of different elements that provide accurate data on the language used in texts, all of which were automatically calculated by Cogito. For our text analysis example, we consider elements such as legibility, text structure, lexical analysis and richness, etc.

If we consider the comprehensive analysis of all elements, Domenico Starnone is most similar to Elena Ferrante from a linguistic and stylistic point of view. However, looking at these elements individually reveals different results. The results of the individual analysis shows major differences between Ferrante and Starnone and reveals greater similarity between Ferrante and author Marco Santagata.

To access the full text analysis, including additional data analysis of “Who is Elena Ferrante?” click here