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Text mining and visualization tools: why it’s worth combining them

Expert.ai Team - 10 August 2016

Text mining helps companies discover and generate new information through deep analysis and examination of large amounts of text using a variety of methodologies. The combination of text mining and visualization tools can make this process even more effective.

Text mining

Text mining essentially transforms unstructured information into structured data that can be further explored and analysed to support a number of downstream business applications. For the typical high volume repositories that businesses rely on, one of the most challenging aspects is knowing what type of information that repository contains, what it’s “about.” Text mining solutions address this through entity extraction, which extracts the entities from any type of text content and identifies the connections that exist between entities. This includes entities such as people, cities, countries, businesses, government organizations and more.

Combining text mining and visualization tools takes this idea even further to represent information with even greater clarity.

Visualization tools

Reading through a long list of elements or browsing a large amount of documents requires a long time to value for the intelligence contained within. Instead, intuitive and interactive data visualization allows decision makers to immediately grasp what the analysis reveals, and then drill down into areas of greatest interest.

Text mining and visualization tools convert documents, spreadsheets, reports, etc. into clear charts or graphs, allowing analysts to easily explore and work with data and content.

Visualization tools help companies:

  • Make sense of data
  • Analyze information in a simple and interactive way
  • Discover trends, insights and hidden relationships between concepts
  • Display and share information and quickly create reports


Text mining and visualization tools: The semantic technology advantage

Cogito technology applies semantic analysis to support business activities, enabling the discovery of information with a variety of views and graphic options for visualizing, correlating and interacting with information.

The follwing screenshots demonstrate how a combined approach of  text mining and visualization tools can transform the analysis process. Deep semantic analysis ensures a complete understanding of the text to exploit the data, revealing  hidden relationships and capturing even the weakest signals present in information.
text mining and visualization tools


text mining and visualization tools


text mining and visualization tools


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