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The AI Opportunity for Drug Discovery

Expert.ai Team - 16 April 2024

AI for drug discovery

In the race to bring safe, effective treatments to patients faster, every moment counts. Despite the massive volumes of data and information that are integral to every phase of drug discovery and development and clinical trial operations, R&D teams must be able to move quickly, safely and with confidence.

With this mandate, the ability of R&D teams to leverage and capitalize on all of the available information, from in-house repositories to public sources and everything in between, is essential to ensure that no source of potential insight is missed.

It’s precisely here that AI technologies are helping researchers accelerate insights from data to make better, faster, safer decisions about drug development, accelerate clinical trials and facilitate discovery.

Today, we launched the expert.ai Insight Engine for Life Sciences at the annual Bio-IT World conference in Boston, where it was recognized as a Best in Show Finalist.

AI and the Data Discovery Challenge

Data is the starting point for any R&D and drug development process, and the volume of scientific research published around the world on an annual basis is more information than any human can reasonably manage or retain.

Furthermore, this information isn’t easily captured or incorporated in analysis, for many reasons:

  • Integrating and analyzing data from diverse sources and formats is difficult and time consuming
  • Commercial licensing and data access restrictions further complicate the process
  • There is no shared taxonomy, which makes it difficult to find information via search tools
  • New research and developments are happening at a rapid pace

Being able to mine the collective resources of published research, clinical trial data, patent applications, grant information, news and press releases is absolutely vital for life sciences organizations. But without a comprehensive solution to centralize and correlate all of this information, critical insights and competitive information that could impact research and accelerate life-saving drug development efforts risk being missed.

Our solution is aimed precisely at this problem.

Introducing the expert.ai Insight Engine for Life Sciences

Our Insight Engine for Life Sciences leverages advanced AI to support R&D teams with clear, accessible insights that accelerate drug discovery and streamline clinical processes:

  • Data Discovery: Aggregate and mine scientific content across diverse data sources
  • Knowledge Synthesis: Synthesize knowledge across clinical trials, scientific articles and public resources
  • Targeted Insights: Focus on specific conditions to extract deep insights from complex biomedical data, including genes, proteins and biomarkers

With the expert.ai Insight Engine for Life Sciences, researchers and pharma teams have a solution that centralizes access to critical data sources and facilitates in-depth analysis and knowledge synthesis that is both explainable and transparent. The result: Unlock new insights faster, accelerate decision making and expedite your drug discovery and clinical trial processes.

Insight Engine for Life Sciences


Life Sciences Use Cases

Here are just a few of the use cases for the Insight Engine for Life Sciences:

Competitive Intelligence

Stay informed about competitors’ activities, including clinical trials, research findings and emerging trends through access to both public and private research sources.

Clinical Trial Design Optimization

Identify suitable sites and patient populations for clinical trials, improving recruitment and allowing users to compare design complexity based on inclusion/exclusion criteria and mine schedule of assessment data in protocol documents for site and patient burden assessments.

Intellectual Property Protection

Review patent claims against claims in published papers and clinical trial activity to automatically alert of potential areas of infringement and/or licensing opportunities.

Scientific Literature Research Analysis

Access and analyze a vast amount of relevant information, speeding up the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies.

Introducing the Insight Engine for Life Sciences

Our Insight Engine for Life Sciences leverages advanced AI to support R&D teams with clear, accessible insights that accelerate drug discovery and streamline clinical processes.

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